The Buffalo Sabres 5-2 loss to the Toronto Maple Leafs on Thursday night was nearly a carbon copy of last week's 5-3 Buffalo win, except in reverse.  The Leafs opened the scoring with a pair of early goals and the Sabres never caught up.  The key was the Leafs started strong and the Sabres looked like they were stuck in the mud after a five-day break since their last game.

Robin Lehner allowed a couple of fluky goals just as the Sabres did against the Leafs 10 days before.  The Leafs looked like they were ready to play.  The Sabres were not.

The Sabres did have the power play working for them getting off a ton of shots and scoring twice on efforts by Sam Reinhart and Jason Pominville.  But just not enough to catch up.

It's the Sabres third straight loss at home.  They try to put one in the win column Saturday afternoon against the Chicago Black Hawks.  It'll be their final time this season to win an afternoon game on home ice.  They've played seven matinee home games so far this season and lost every one of them.

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