The 3rd annual Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt is back this summer and it is getting underway this weekend!

Three years ago, the Cheektowaga Police Department decided to do something in memory of one of the officers that they lost. That is when the Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt was born.

Starting Friday, August 5 - August 14, will be the Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt. Here is how it works:

  • There are 10 different police agencies participating.
  • They will hide rubber ducks in Erie County Parks within their towns.
  • Go searching for the ducks with your kids!
  • Take a picture and leave the duck for others!
  • Agencies will give out prizes within their town.
  • There is also one overall grand prize. Last year's grand prize was a Nintendo Switch.

When you find a duck, snap a picture with it and post it to the Cheektowaga Police Department Facebook group to be entered to win a grand prize. Here are all of the police agencies that are participating in the Lucky Duck Scavenger Hunt this year:

If you find one of the plastic lucky ducks you need to submit your picture in the right spot for your chance to win. DO NOT post your pictures on Facebook. That is not a good entry. There is a very specific link that you have to use in order to submit your pictures.

=AT2xzeaJwdGTq5ZbOEy4JJXJUE8cntceOKWqZl9yD2PIXrdR-NIhgV6en0lCbOvVuK0suR2sxfR_iSv0hLekSoGOjj2wnHt3MxKzNyflvdEuMSiHbPA9dmrY_LiSJzmmxPnUtln7UGmlbYi-MqFxzQW3DMex34LXbBz2MzjB55S9EUc7LC41VSxVUuHerldAKG2P8WrB" title="Here is where to submit your Lucky Duck pictures! " align="center"]

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