Soon enough, the days of snow storms, subzero temperatures, and slippery driving conditions will be far behind us. 

For the first time in months, we won’t dress in tons of layers just to step foot outside. We won’t need to brush our cars off and scrape our windows when need to go somewhere. We won’t rely on the “sidewalk shuffle” to avoid slipping on a patch of ice.

Spring has arrived in Buffalo, and nice weather is on the way. To celebrate, let’s ditch the office and grab some lunch.

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Admit it -  having lunch at your desk in front of a computer screen stinks. When the weather gets nicer, people are more likely to play hooky from work anyway - so let’s go!

Why Going Out For Lunch In Buffalo Is The Best

One of the best parts about living in the 716 is that there’s literally hundreds of great places to eat a quick bite for lunch.

Co-workers having lunch

Whether you work in an office building or at home; in the Northtowns, Southtowns, or Downtown, there’s probably a place serving up great lunches that’s a quick walk or drive away.

Need more reasons to ditch your desk to go out for a Buffalo lunch?

  • If you’re cooped up indoors all day, lunchtime might be the only time you get out to enjoy some sunshine.  
  • It’s a great way to bond with co-workers you don’t know very well or see very often.  
  • It’s perfect for catching up with a good friend who has a busy schedule.
  • If you’re stuck on an idea, getting out of your typical work environment can help get your creative juices flowing.
  • It’s a decent excuse to procrastinate on a project. (We’ve all done it.)

There’s Lots Of Great Lunch Spots To Try In Buffalo

The Nickel City has everything hungry local workers are looking for, no matter their mood, taste, or budget. We're more than just pizza and wings (although we love them, too!).

From delis to drive-thrus; hole-in-the-wall haunts to upscale bars for a martini lunch (just try to stick to one, okay?); Buffalo’s got it all.

Vegetarian, barbeque, sushi, sandwiches - there are so many delicious lunch spots in every neighborhood to please any palate. You could try a new place every week! 

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