If you plan on visiting Mickey and the gang this year, expect to see some big changes inside the park.

Here are three major changes taking place.

1. No Smoking inside the park. As of May 1st, 2019 there will no longer be smoking areas inside Disney World, Disneyland, waterparks and the ESPN Wide World of Sports Complex. There will be designated smoking areas outside of the park entrances.

2. Stroller regulations will be changing on May 1st as well. The guidelines for a stroller will be that the stroller cannot be wider than 31 inches and 52 inches long. Wagons of any type will not be permitted in the park after May 1st.

3. Loose Ice

If you plan on bringing in a cooler to store drinks and snacks, you will no longer be allowed to have loose ice inside the cooler. Only self-contained Ice packs will be allowed. You will be able to get free cups of ice water to help keep you cool if needed while inside the park.

To learn more about the rules and new regulations, click here.

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