There had to be a record amount of snowmobiles on the trails in Tug Hill in New York State on Tuesday. The conditions, for the most part, were ideal and the forecast was calling for rain. Those who love to ride were out in full force for most of the day.

There are few places to ride in New York State that are as good the Tug Hill region. With miles and miles of wide trails and a few feet of lake effect snow, it is the Mecca of snowmobiling in The Empire State.

But when you have thousands of sleds out on a single day, it opens the door for things to go wrong. For one person this week, it was fire that ended the day before it really began. Flames could be seen from far away as this snowmobile was fully engulfed in flames Tuesday morning around 9.

Massive Snowmobile Fire In New York State

Gallery Credit: Clay Moden

Thankfully, by the time we had arrived, fire crews were on scene and there appeared to be no injuries.

We spoke with experts who tell us that there are a variety of reasons that this may happen. According to one person, it could be "a heated seat malfunction, gas line leak or even brakes seizing up".

The burned out sled appeared to be a Ski-Doo "Rev" and there are reports that, in some cases, a "Y" pipe may become disconnected and also cause and fire hazard on that type of sled.

It is a another reminder to stay safe and have your sled insured. Snowmobiling is incredibly fun and we have some of the best places to ride. However, as we witnessed on Tuesday in Tug Hill, things can go wrong quickly.

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