There are two seasons in Buffalo; winter and construction season! The winter is just wrapping up around the here and that means the crews will be back out and you will notice more open spaces on the New York Thruway.

It was announced this week that a few more toll booths will be removed. In an article from the governor's office, it was indicated that a second wave of removal and road reconstruction is scheduled to begin at the following interchanges:

Exit 34A (Syracuse - I-481)
Exit 47 (LeRoy - I-490)
Exit 48 (Batavia)

The new "Cashless" system on the Thruway is way more convenient and so much less stressful than the days of sitting in line waiting to pay a toll. It never fails that when you are in a rush, there is someone who either can't find their ticket or does not have the correct change and you sit and wait.

I remember the days of the tolls on I-190 that had a basket that you could toss your change in. That was also very convenient but you had to have good aim. So many nights on my way to the radio station I would hear the sound of quarters bouncing off the pavement that missed the basket. I would out the truck in park, open the door and reach down to retrieve the coins!

If you don't have an E-Z Pass account yet, it really is easy to get and makes the travel and paying for tolls a breeze. I travel the Thruway often and it is so nice to just get on and get rolling! It will be great when tolls at Exit 57 get taken down.

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