All that live in Western New York are so fortunate to have one of the greatest wonders of the world in our backyard. It's really amazing that some of us do take for granted the fact that we have Niagara Falls right around the corner.

Over the last couple of months I have had the opportunity to take some out of town visitors to Niagara Falls, all of which have never visited the Falls before. To me, it was an honor to take these visitors to a place that they've heard about, maybe read about and probably seen once or twice on tv. I get a thrill in seeing their reactions when they get to take in Niagara Falls in person for the first time. It's almost magical, sublime in a way. Some of the visitors I have taken to the Falls are from California where life moves fast, lots of highways and sure there's the ocean and there's the beach but the State Parks here is something that they wish they had with the trees and paths to take a lesuirely run or walk.

With the visitors we were able to also take advantage of the Cave of the Winds. The Falls to them were spectacular, and the great experience continued by walking the wooden paths beneath the Falls and getting soaked on the Hurricane Deck. Seeing the Falls, getting to feel the Falls and getting great pictures made the trip well worth it for all of my visiting friends.

As I get older I have come to appreciate this wonder that is in our backyard and I find myself visiting more frequently. I recently watched a documentary on tv about the Falls and it makes me just want to learn more. When you see the Falls from a visitors perspective it also gives you a greater appreciation for what we have here. Everyone has something great where they live and we have Niagara Falls, take some time this summer and fall in love with the Falls all over again. Spend a day in the sunshine and take it all in.

Nik Wallenda walks the Falls this Friday night too, don't forget. That's going to be amazing! Check out some of the great things happening in Niagara Falls, New York - Click Here.