There are two types of parents -- those who’ll make different food for themselves and for the kids, or parents who make the kids eat what they eat. Justin Moore is one of those parents, but how does he do it?

He told Big Machine, “People are always amazed cause my kids would rather have broccoli and grilled chicken or whatever. My friends are like, 'How do you get them to do that?'”

Some people are comparing Taylor Swift’s new song “Me” with 90’s party favorite “The Macarena.” We tried it -- you can do it to both songs.


Eric Church broke records this Saturday at Nashville’s Nissan Stadium, with 56,521 people in attendance. He also premiered the video of his new song “Some of It,” for the crowd.


Carrie Underwood has a song called “Cry Pretty” and it turns out, just like the lyrics say, she can’t cry pretty. Carrie shared this photo on Instagram of her winning on American Idol, and making the best ugly cry face.

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