With it being a new year, you may be looking for a sign that you have set yourself on the right track. 

I think we all have done it every now and again. You look up at the sky and said, “Can I just have a sign?”

And then you see a sign, and maybe you are reading too much into it. OR…maybe it is actually a sign from the universe. 

For example, when you start a new adventure, move into a new home, or prepare to go on a trip, you may see the number 111. That number could be considered a sign from the universe, because the number “111” is known as an angel number, and knowing that, it can bring you peace and comfort into the next journey.

That’s a sign that makes you feel like you’re on the right path in life, right?

Well, there is a new sign that was recently put up on the thruway in Buffalo, New York and it may do the opposite if you only read the first part. 

Imagine that you say to yourself, “O, give me a sign” and the next sign you see says:


I mean, part of me already knows that I can be a little crazy, but it’s not really the inspirational sign I was hoping to read from the universe. 

If you glanced at it, you would have missed it, but there’s actually a second part to the sign. 

The full sign says:



Oooooohhhh….okay. So I’m not crazy?

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