If it’s old to you, it’s new to someone else! 

Think about how many Goodwill stores, AMVETS locations, and other resale shops around Western New York, including vintage shops like Niagara Emporium in the Eastern Hills Mall, exist. There are so many places where you can find an “old to me, yet new to you!” look in the area, and it has gotten us quite a bit of attention. 

And with many people seeing some of the results of climate change across the globe, some people have tried out some resale shops in an effort to #GoGreen!

Is Thrifting Good For The Environment?

Thrift stores actually do help the environment because they prevent things from being thrown away. When you shop at a resale shop, it keeps those clothes out of landfills, reduces carbon and chemical pollution caused by clothing production, and lowers water consumption. Also, a lot of thrift shops also support local charities, which directly help our community!

How Much Does Buffalo, New York Thrift?

Thanks to the team at EmpireStakes.com, they took a closer look at the data and research compiled from Google search data and Google Maps to reveal the most popular thrift and vintage cities in New York state. 

And based on the results, Buffalo is one of the top cities for thrifting. 

Top 5 New York Cities For Thrifting

According to the data at EmpireStakes.com, the following cities ranked as the top 5 for vintage stores and thrift shops:

1). New York City
2). Bronx County
3). Buffalo 
4). Rochester
5). Syracuse

Is Buffalo A Green City?

Well, they don’t call us a climate change refuge for nothing! 

Sure, we may have harsh winters…but we also have minimal natural disasters, a surplus of fresh water, mild temperatures, and other key features that protect us from, what many other cities would experience, climate change. 

You can read more about how environmentally-conscious Buffalo, New York truly is at Be In Buffalo’s official website.  

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