The NFL combine kicked off this week and besides looking for the next amazing collegiate talent, the Buffalo Bills are looking to make a big change to the NFL.

According to Sports Illustrated, the Buffalo Bills submitted an official proposal to change the overtime rule during the NFL playoffs.

The proposal from the Buffalo Bills is calling for overtime to be decided by a time amount not based on scoring according to Buffalo's general manager Brandon Beane.

"Ours is going to be more, without getting into detail, instead of one possession and then another possession, is the time. You know, similar to basketball. You play five minutes of basketball, both teams get it. You know, baseball, there's the top half and the bottom half [of an inning].


The Bills lost in the playoffs this season after the Kansas City Chiefs won the coin toss and went on to score a touchdown on the opening drive and score a spot in the AFC Championship game.

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The current NFL overtime rules state that a team can win the game with a touchdown on the first possession of overtime. If they fail to score or kick a field goal, the other team has a chance to get the ball and win the game.

The Bills are now the second NFL team to submit a proposal to change how overtime is played in the NFL. Earlier this week, the Indianapolis Colts submitted a proposal that would impact both the regular season and post-season.

The NFL Competition Committee will now review the proposal along with other proposals from other teams and if the new proposal passes it would start next season.

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