One of the worst train wrecks in recent memory took place in Ohio recently and as cleanup continues, there are some who are very concerned about their safety as far as 200 miles away from the crash site.

Officials are telling residents in that area that things are getting back to "normal" and are safe. However, there are many who are not so confident after what they have witnessed.

The chemicals that were released may have traveled as far as 200 miles and that COULD make it as far as Western New York and the Southern Tier of New York State.

Most of the nation's attention has been on the Super Bowl and the weird, unidentified objects that have been floating over the United States since the US shot one down on February 4th.

But as large as this train situation is, it does beg the question of why there hasn't been more news/discussion? Where are national officials or environmental activists?

There are petitions being circulated that have a goal to get more information or at least look in to why people are felling sick and seeing animals dying.

Residents were told to evacuate for only three days, and many are questioning if it's actually safe to return.

Even short exposure to hydrochloric acid can lead to blindness, severe burns, and internal damage – and now, it's in the air and water in Ohio and Pennsylvania.

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