One of the most beautiful and historic villages in all of New York State is East Aurora! East Aurora is also home to one of the hottest real estate markets in the area with homes selling at well above the asking price.

East Aurora has some of the greatest histories in the Western New York area and is highlighted by the magnificent, Roycroft campus and, more specifically, the Roycroft Inn.


There are recent reports that have revealed that The Roycroft in East Aurora has been sold and will be under new ownership soon.

According to The East Aurora Advertiser:

The Margaret L. Wendt Foundation and developer Douglas Jemal have made an agreement for Jemal’s purchase of The Roycroft Inn.


What will that mean for the Roycroft and East Aurora? I spoke with Dan Garvey, The Innkeeper at the Roycroft and he tells me that things are moving along well and that the staff is excited and even met with Mr. Jemal in person.

"The trustees of the foundation wanted to be absolutely certain that they didn't just hand it over to anyone",Garvey told me in a recent phone interview. He went on to add that, "(the foundation) found someone to respect and honor and foster the historic legacy of the Roycroft".

The story has had all of East Aurora buzzing since it broke a few days ago. Many are wondering what, if any changes will be coming. However, it seems that Garvey is confident there is a strong team in place and that they are excited about the new owner.

"Mr Jemal wanted to talk to everyone individually. This is a great staff of people that we have. I have been in this business for forty years and this is the best team I have ever had the honor of working with," Garvey was proud to report. "Mr. Jemal knows that and he doesn't want to break up the band. He has made certain that this is going be where everyone is going to remain".


I grew up in East Aurora and watched the rebirth of the campus and the Inn. It is not a coincidence that the village of East Aurora has also seen a huge resurgence and is no wonder why so many families want to raise their family and live in East Aurora. There is an exciting future coming together for the historic town and village!

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