The eclipse that is coming in April is going to be a big event in Buffalo.  So much so, that the Erie County Executive is asking businesses to close that day.

Why is the eclipse going to be a big event in Buffalo?

People are already talking about the upcoming total solar eclipse that will be taking place across the United States.  It will only take place for one day (April 8th) and it will only impact certain areas for a couple of hours on that day.  The path of totality will be passing right over Western New York.  That means that you will see it at it's peak here and many are expecting people to come here from all over the United States to experience it firsthand.

Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz is encouraging businesses to close that day

As Western New York prepares for the upcoming event, plans are being put into place to make sure it is executed successfully not only for guests who will be visiting, but also for the residents here.  Today, Erie County Executive Mark Poloncarz suggested that it might even be a good idea if businesses are able, to close for the day.

Why would businesses need to close?

The suggestion comes on the heels of another decision from many school districts to close for the day.  This means that there will be a lot of kids at home or in daycare centers.  If businesses are able to close, it will give the parents a chance to stay at home with their kids or not have to pay to put them in daycare for an extra day.

Businesses do not have to close.  It was suggested to help families stay together on that date.

Why are schools closing for the eclipse?

Many people will ask why schools are closing in the first place.  It's a subject a lot of people are divided on.

While not all schools have announced that they will be closing on that date, the ones who have are saying that the timing of totality and the safety of the students are some of the biggest reasons for their decision.  Bussing them away from the school in total darkness could be a huge challenge and a dangerous one as traffic could turn into an issue too.

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