The Powerball Jackpot has finally been won by someone.  Unfortunately, it was a person in California, but we had secondary winners here in New York too.

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Don't throw your tickets out just yet!!

It was the largest jackpot ever in the United States.  The Powerball was up at around $2.04 billion for Monday night's drawing.  Unfortunately, it's a drawing that didn't take place until late this morning.  They said it was a technical difficulty that kept the numbers from being called, but this morning they came up with these numbers:

10-33-41-47-56, with the Powerball being 10

The winning ticket was purchased in Altadena, California, and has not been claimed yet as of the writing of this article. However, you're going to want to check your tickets before you toss them.  There were winners in New York too and while they aren't worth billions, they're still a good amount of money.

According to WKBW, the New York Lottery announced that there were 22 winners in New York State.  Three of those tickets were purchased right here in Western New York.  Double-check your tickets if you bought yours at any of these stores:

  • Kwik Fill store in Cheektowaga
  • 7-Eleven in Buffalo
  • 7-Eleven in Buffalo

Those three tickets are each worth around $50,000!

Here's what you could win if you matched any of the numbers:

  • Five numbers + Powerball: $1.9 billion ($929 million)
  • Five numbers: $1m
  • Four numbers + Powerball: $50,000
  • Four numbers: $100
  • Three numbers + Powerball: $100
  • Three numbers: $7
  • Two numbers + Powerball: $7
  • One number + Powerball: $4
  • Powerball: $4

Now we will have to wait to see who claims the record jackpot and then have to see how long it will take for the jackpot to reach record levels again.  Tomorrow's Powerball drawing will go back to $20 million.

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