As the cold and wet fall weather takes over in Western New York and the northeast, the COVID-19 pandemic continues. If you would like to get tested, there may be a quick way to get results coming to your area soon.

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It was announced this week that President Donald Trump will be sending rapid tests to New York.

According to reports, The Trump Administration says nearly six-million rapid COVID-19 tests are being sent to the state. The tests can produce results in as little as 15 minutes and are considered fairly accurate.

This happens the same week that New York Governor Cuomo blasted the Federal Government in his Monday press conference. The claim was that top officials are not concerned with managing the virus and the spread and dragged their feet when the pandemic began.

Many families are starting to plan for the holidays and travel. As of now, the weather for this weekend and Halloween looks pretty good, However, many locations have decided to discourage trick-or-treating. Thanksgiving gatherings may not be what we are used to as families are staying closer to home and not hosting large groups in 2020.

The flu season is also here and if you have not gotten a flu shot yet, it may be a good idea to do so. Our family got our flu shot a couple weeks back and continue to wash hands and distance as best we can!

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