Depending on who you ask, you will get different answers as to when #SpookySzn officially begins, but there’s one place that will determine whether or not we’re officially there. 

As we get closer to fall weather and oversized sweaters, there are certain seasonal drinks that we wait all year to enjoy in the fall. 

One of the best seasonal drinks is cider, and many Western New Yorkers have had their calendar set for the opening day of Mayer Bros Cider Mill, which will host their grand reopening on Wednesday, August 2.

Another place that always has seasonal drinks every month is the Alden Bakery & Cafe, and they always are on top of it with the seasonal favorites. 

I mean, who could forget these October drinks from last year?

But if you tend to lean a little basic on occasion, then you are probably waiting to hear the status of the coffee chains Starbucks and Dunkin Donuts to find out when their pumpkin spice drinks return to the menu. 

Here it is…

You can get your first pumpkin spice drink of the year at Dunkin Donuts on August 16, the date that we have been told from the chain that their fall beverages will return. 

For Starbucks, you will have to wait a little longer: pumpkin spice coffee is rumored to return August 24, a few days earlier than last year.  

While the fall favorites are a good reminder that the season is coming, it’s not officially fall until our first game at Highmark Stadium. Go Bills! 

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