I have to admit, I was impressed. Nik Wallenda's wire walk across Niagara Falls was a much better event than I imagined it would be. The presentation by ABC started out a little slow, but the tension they built during the special was worth the payoff. And the visuals they presented were spectacular.

I'll never forget the high-shot image of Wallenda just beyond the brink of the Falls with the cascading water just below him. He looked so tiny against the backdrop of the power of the Falls, and I think ABC's cameras were able to accurately capture the immense expanse of the gorge.

I was impressed -- probably shocked -- that he took questions from ABC during his wire walk. I didn't expect that, but who better to describe the scene than the guy who was actually experiencing it?

A deeply religious man, I thought Wallenda came across as an honest, regular guy who was able to accomplish his dream. He was an inspiration to anyone who's ever had a dream, and that's what he told Customs officers when he presented his passport at the end of his walk was asked the purpose of his visit.

We can now look forward to his dream next stunt: a wire walk across the Grand Canyon. And with his determination, you know it's something he will do.

I just hope Niagara Falls, N.Y. is able to reap the benefits of the attention the event brought to this area. It was a one-shot thing for Wallenda, but it's time for this area to move forward and build on the excitement.

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