We’ve seen several popular stores shut their doors after the pandemic due to financial hardships.

Here in Buffalo, we’ve seen big brands like Bed Bath & Beyond and Christmas Tree Shop disappear. We’ve also seen several chains like TGI Fridays, Carrabba’s Italian Grill, Outback Steakhouse, and Bonefish Grill close locations across New York State. 

When the news broke last year that Rite Aid was in financial trouble, we feared that the retail and drugstore chain could also disappear from the area. 

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Rite Aid Filed For Bankruptcy Last Year

Rite Aid has gone through some tough times lately. Last year, the popular drugstore chain filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy, and announced they will be closing and selling several of their locations across the U.S. 

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As a result, Rite Aid agreed to close 431 of their stores around the country. They began the process last fall by selling 150 of their locations nationwide, including three here in Western New York. Their location at 452 Main Street in Buffalo closed last year, followed by 2453 Elmwood Ave. in Kenmore. They also sold a parcel of land at 15 Arnold Street in the city of Buffalo. 

Unfortunately, it looks like even more Rite Aid stores in Western New York will be shutting their doors soon.

More Rite Aid Stores Closing Around Buffalo

Business Insider reports that Rite Aid is closing 77 more U.S. locations in 2024 due to their “voluntary bankruptcy” agreement. Nine closures have been announced so far in New York State, and some of the affected Rite Aid’s are located in the Western New York area.  

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Here Are The Rite Aid Locations Closing In Western New York

According to a list from BI, here are the Rite Aid locations closing in the Buffalo area:

  • 2474 Bailey Avenue, Buffalo
  • 151 West Main Street, LeRoy

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