Speeding down roadways is not something only in Western New York. It's something that happens in every city, state, county and region of the country. Some drivers speed because they can, and we're not talking 63 mph in a 55, but 80 in a 55.

It usually takes your first speeding ticket to get that "wake up call." I once got a speeding ticket on the 290, and learned my lesson.

I grew up in north Amherst, close to Wheatfield, but I did live in Hamburg near Lake Shore for a few years. It's also the area where my parents currently live; so, I have spent a lot of time in the southtowns over the past decade.

I've lost count how many times I have driven down Lake Shore Road (Route 5) in Hamburg, between the Ford plant and Wanakah Country Club. It's a road that can get very busy, especially during peak drive times in the morning and late afternoon, but it's also a stretch of road that has made me worried in the past.

The speed limit goes down to 40 mph once you get to the Big Tree intersection, coming from the north, and stays that way for a while, before going back up again. However, I've lost count how many cars and trucks I've seen speed by going 10-15, even 20 mph over the speed limit here.

Speeding happens at many (most even) roads, but this stretch of Route 5 is tricky because the lanes are pretty narrow (two lanes), especially around the turn near Rodney's restaurant.

I've seen drivers cross the yellow line a few times and the winter makes it even more dangerous, with the added ice and slush. I once was in a near head-on collision here a few years ago in winter conditions and looking back, I was probably going too fast, especially for this type of road.

It's not the stretch of road to speed down, at all. The tight turns and narrow lanes make it far too dangerous, and it doesn't matter how often I drive down Lake Shore, there are drivers who zoom past, going 15+ mph over the speed limit.

Has anyone else had these same thoughts?

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