If you have been a Buffalo Bills fan 10 years ago...here are some things that won't happen anymore!

  1. Ever wonder why we don't get the coupons for Tim Hortons in the Buffalo Bills game day program anymore? Back a decade ago, there would be a Tim Horton's coupon for a free medium coffee the NEXT day after the Bills game IF the Buffalo Bills scored 2 or more touchdowns. Hortons would argue they went digital and have all of the freebies on their app, but we would like to think that they know that Stefon Diggs and Gabe Davis are two studs who would get everyone too many free coffees so they ended the deal.
  2. Russell Salvatore our savior on Sunday. You can really surprise young Buffalo Bills fans by telling them that all of the Bills games were NOT on television. Why not? Because if the football game did not sell out, they wouldn't air it on TV. The National Football League enticed you to go to the game so they made the ticket money. In order to combat this, Russ Salvatore would OFTEN buy all of the remaining tickets, creating a sell-out, so that we would watch it on TV
  3. Will we need our seat warmer? Will we be able to sit in on the bleacher if there is all this snow happening? You don't have to worry about that in a few years. The brand new Buffalo Bills stadium will have the seat portion of the stadium covered, so you won't have your seats wet or snowy. Don't worry, the stadium will still be open so we get that 'home field advantage.

Buffalo Bills Mafia Boat Parade

Hundreds of boats floated in Buffalo, New York for the first every Buffalo Bills Mafia Boat Parade. It's important to note, the Bills are only 1 and 0...and this city WILL throw quite the party if they win it all this year.


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