One church in Western New York may have tried to be a little too clever on their sign, and it’s upsetting a lot of people.

People don’t like to talk about the evils of the world, and those who are religious don’t exactly enjoy talking about Satan. 

Even now, as you read this, it can make you uncomfortable. Because we (in the general sense) just don’t like to think about the bad in the world, especially in a city that is known for being good. 

I get it. Truly. It’s the same reason why heart-shattering news headlines hit us so hard, like just a few weeks ago when five kids lost their lives in a fire on Dartmouth Avenue. (You can still donate to their GoFundMe here.)

Though I will say, as someone who is currently reading the Bible, I found the Book of Job especially difficult to read, as it talks about sin and Satan. 

And it looks like other people are feeling the same way after driving past one church sign that mentions Satan. 

Faith United Church of Christ is receiving some backlash on social media after adjusting the sign outside of the building in response to the weather. 

You’ve seen barber shops, coffee shops, and other local places adjust their outdoor signs when it comes to Bills games, Dyngus Day, and everything in between, but this church may have taken it too far, according to some people on social media at least. 

Here’s what the sign says:


You can see a picture of it below. 


This sign has received mixed responses on social media, but it looks like most people find it distasteful. 

Patty Zelazny Olinger from Lyndonville, NY wrote on Facebook, “Personally I don’t invite Satan to take anything. But that’s just me.”

It doesn’t seem like the church had ill-intentions with the sign, but rather they try to be unique with what message they share, and the community can recognize that. 

Eric Maldonaldo Sr. from Buffalo recalled back to an old sign he enjoyed that Faith United Church of Christ had up last year.

“They had an awesome one [a few] years ago in Williamsville,” Maldonaldo Sr. said. “‘Weather forecast: The LORD reigns and the Son shines.’ I prefer this one better!!”

What do you think of the sign? Is it in poor taste?

Maybe the sign will change after our next snow storm, which local meteorologists are predicting will move through Buffalo this week. You can read more about that here

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