Cider tastes delicious throughout the entire year, but there’s something special about the seasonal ciders that are offered around this time of year. 

It keeps your insides all toasty as you warm up by the fireplace. Cider is a classic winter beverage, equally as important as hot chocolate and eggnog. 

The only dilemma you may have now is: which of these ciders will you go with?

Whether you are shopping at your local grocery store or going to your favorite bar, hard ciders are available all over the place. 

And based on your votes, here are the top 10 places to go for hard cider in Western New York. 

10 Best Seasonal Ciders In Western New York

'Tis the season for....cider? I think yes. Here are some of the best seasonal ciders in Western New York.


Looking at these ciders makes me want to grab one myself! 

The Citizen Cider, Bakers Dozen sounds the most delicious. I mean…it’s designed to taste like cider donuts?! Sign me up! 

If you need me, I’ll be at Aurora Brew Works picking up my 4-pack. 

Which one of these ciders is your favorite? Did your go-to cider make the list?

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