The Sabres decided to ditch the blue and gold, to go with a black, red, and silver jersey in 1996.  But did you know that there was something more to that jersey design?

It was on this date (April 11th) in 1996 that the Sabres debuted their brand new jersey design to a crowd of around 16,000.  It was a departure from what fans had become accustomed to since the team had been formed back in 1970.  They'd always had the blue and gold jersey with the circle logo of a buffalo with the sabres crossing below them.  But it was the dawn of what they hoped would be a new era.  They were hoping to bring back some excitement to hockey in Buffalo.


When it first came out, they called it an angry buffalo.  We have come to remember it as the "Goat Head" jersey.

What I didn't know is that there is more to that jersey design than a new-look Buffalo and some new colors.  There was actually a more hidden nod to Buffalo in its design too. When you stretch the arms out to the jersey, you'll see that the stripes are more than just stripes on the arms.


Its something that most Buffalonians never even saw...

They aren't meant to be "stripes" after all.  They're meant to be horns.  Look at the jersey as a whole and you can see that it is actually the silhouette of a buffalo's head.'s subtle, but it's there.

Don't feel bad if you haven't seen it before now.  I didn't notice it until John Vogl of the Buffalo News pointed it out.  But once you see it, you can't un-see it.

attachment-Hidden Buffalo On Old Sabres Jersey with Highlighting (ebay)

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