Remember the singing cops? They ended up going viral after a camera caught them singing inside a restaurant in Buffalo, then the video went viral. They appeared on the Ellen Degeneres Show, CBS evening news, even sang with the Buffalo Bills.

Now, they have signed a contract for their very own television, really!

Buffalo police officers Michael Norwood Jr. and Moe Badger have stated that they have signed a contract for their own TV sitcom, according to WIVB.

They posted the news on Norwood's Facebook page.

"It’s with great pleasure to announce that we signed a contract with one of the biggest entertainment movie/tv show production companies in showbiz for our own tv show sitcom. This is a testimony to believing in yourself and being organic, having faith in GOD and doing positive things in the community when you have the ability to do so. There are no Singing Cops without Western NY, you all have showed us so much love and support before and after everything that has happen with us and we are thankful for it. Thank you so much we love you all and promise to continue to put buffalo on the map."

Can't wait for this!


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