The world has changed drastically over the last few years, and this may be one of the more notable changes we have seen in our lifetimes. 

However, it could end up changing how we grocery shop forever. 

Wegmans is only one of the first of many grocery store locations that could go this route, and it’s changing the game, making it easier for shoppers to get in and get out. 

New Feature At Wegmans Stores

In April, we found out that there would be a new feature introduced to Wegmans in New York State to enhance the shopping experience, which is: smart shopping carts.  These smart carts offer a self-checkout feature that makes grocery shopping a little easier; you will now be able to pay for your items right in your shopping cart. 

To take a step further, the shopping cart will already know what is in the cart by the time you are done shopping.

An Extension Of The SCAN App

Think back to the era of the SCAN app. It allowed people to scan their items themselves on their phone as they shopped, and then it would charge the credit card that was saved to the account. 

The reason the SCAN app was discontinued is because some people were stealing things – some by accident and others on purpose. 

However, the smart shopping carts are hoping to prevent the accidental theft, and it looks like people are already loving it at this Wegmans near Rochester. 

How Do Smart Carts Work?

There is a device that will be clipped onto your shopping cart, as you can see in the picture above. The device is artificial intelligence and it will be able to know what exactly you put into your shopping cart. The website, SHOPIC which provides the devices, lists out the features and how it will technically work if Wegmans decides to roll this opportunity at all of their locations:

  • Uses computer vision to automatically identify products inserted or removed
  • Fully transparent: presents the bills constantly on a large touchscreen
  • Helps shoppers navigate the store
  • No checkout lines: pay on the cart and go

Where Can I Use The Smart Carts? 

The new feature has been being 'pilot tested” at the Alberta Drive location, but it looks like these smart carts are popping up at Wegmans stores across the state. 

What Does This Mean For Wegmans Employees?

Although the store has not made any statements as to whether or not this will lead to less staff members on their team, it is a little concerning for people who are sales associates or cashiers at Wegmans. While there are already quick self-checkout lines at the store, this new option makes you wonder if they are working to eliminate the cashier position. 

At this time, it doesn’t look like that will be happening soon, but with artificial intelligence becoming more relied on across the world, what will that mean for our future?

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