The Buffalo Bills are gearing up to take on the Cincinnati Bengals in one of the most anticipated games that the NFL has ever seen. 

Last time the Buffalo Bills met with the Cincinnati Bengals, the game ended up being canceled, following the Damar Hamlin injury. 

We won’t show the injury, but it was touching to see how the Buffalo Bills came together in that scary moment. 

It wasn’t just the Buffalo Bills, though. The way the Bills Mafia, Bengals fans, and the entire world came together to support this one player as he recovered from this life-threatening injury shows that there is more good in the world than we realize. 

Thanks to Smile Mail Inc., a local non-profit organization set out to make your ordinary mail more extraordinary, a drop-off location was organized to create a huge package of “Get Well” cards for Damar Hamlin. 

“We are honored to share with you Smile Mail Inc. and The Hall Family (the family of Chad Hall) is able to help us take part in the ability for ANYONE, of ANY AGE to make a “Get Well Card for Damar."  Chad Hall, Wide Receiver Coach of our Great Buffalo Bills, will be giving Damar these cards for us!”

Smile Mail Inc. packaged up all the cards and gifts for Damar Hamlin on Tuesday, and the amount of cards they received is overwhelming. 

Ryan Alsop, the founder of Smile Mail, wrote on Facebook, “The support was overwhelming and has left me and all of us a little teary eyed tonight…”

Smile Mail Inc. is entirely ran by volunteers, and one volunteer that is always there is Dave Olkowski. His daughter, Mary, helps with organizing Smile Mail packages and she often volunteers her time with her father, who is a Vietnam Veteran. 

As a veteran, Dave Olkowski has already given back to his community by serving his country, the biggest thing one can do, and he shared the reason why he continues to serve his community in this way. 

“It’s getting people to smile,” he said. “One of my favorite phrases is ‘Smile as often as you can.’” 

“I know it’s hard sometimes, but if you can squeak out a smile everyday, it’ll help.” Dave said. 

He’s exactly right, and that’s why it’s so important to have organizations, like Smile Mail, that share those smiles with our local community – and beyond. 

We may be bringing smiles for Damar Hamlin, but it started with you, and supporting this young man has touched the world in a way that I don’t think the sports world has ever seen before. 

It is truly remarkable what we are capable of when the world comes together. 

The power of 3. 

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