If you were born before 1980, you need to take a break!

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A new study shows that anyone over the 40 should only be working 3 days per week.

The Melbourne Institute of Applied Economic and Social Research found that the cognitive performance of people over 40 improved with up to 25 hours of work per week while any more than 25 hours caused a decline in performance and an increase in fatigue and stress.

Researchers tested 3,500 women and 3,000 men over 40 by making them take cognitive function tests while working to monitor their performance.

They found that those working 25 hours or less per week performed best, while those working 55 hours a week tested worse than retired or unemployed participants in the study.

So the real answer is that if you can't stop working 40+ hours a week, you will need to do outside activities like crossword puzzles, online games, and other mental games to keep you sharp!

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