We couldn't be more excited to announce Justin Moore as a headliner for WYRK's Toyota Taste of Country in 2017. With his like "Bait a Hook" and "Backwoods," we're counting down the days to another great year of country music. Check out a little more about Justin below and check out the official Taste Of Country page for more information on the festival.

Taste of Country headlienr  Justin  Moore's  fourth  studio  album may  suggest  he  doesn't  give  a  damn,  but  when  it  comes  to  the  music, nothing could be further from the truth. On Kinda Don't Care, the Arkansas singer,  outdoorsman  and  family  man  reaffirms his  commitment  to  recording  honest,  entertaining  country  songs.  Sure, they may be unapologetic at times, but that's Moore, an artist who refuses to ever project anything he's not. "The title refers to how uptight our society has become. It's in a place right now where we are  consumed  with  being  politically  correct.  Sometimes you just have to  worry  about  being  correct  and  telling  it  like  it  is,"  says Moore.

Which is what he's always done with his impressive string of hits, from his five Number Ones, including "Small Town USA" and "If Heaven Wasn't So Far Away," to the gold -‐‐ certified singles "Bait a Hook" and "Backwoods." All of those songs, as well as his most recent chart -‐‐ topper "Point at You" and his current rising  single  "You  Look  Like  I  Need  a  Drink,"  possess  an  undeniable  confidence  and  attitude  that distinguishes Moore from the crowded Nashville pack.And, above all else, there's that unmistakable voice, which propels Kinda Don't Care's 12 songs and a 16 track deluxe version of the album.

"The goal was to create a feel-‐‐good record. There is still the same hillbilly and redneck stuff on the album, but we also made the most modern-‐‐sounding record of my career," says Moore, the 2014 ACM Awards' New Artist of the Year winner. "I wanted to release a record that would fit in perfectly on country radio, but one that also pushed myself creatively. Besides, in the end, if I'm singing, it's always going to sound country."

Moore relishes being onstage, where, even in the glare of the spotlight, he's able to connect with fans and show them he's just like them.

"One of the things I hear most often after shows is, 'Man, you're so normal.' I guess people have this idea that, if you have any small amount of fame or success, you're supposed to be some kind of freak show or superhero. But I'm the same guy I was before I signed a record deal. When I look in the mirror," he says, "I still see Justin."

Justin Moore, a guy who, despite what is emblazoned on his strongest album yet, really does care. About his fans, his family and, especially, country music.

"Everyone growing up has dreams," says Moore. "Mine just happened to come true."

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