It's the most wonderful time of the year!.. but maybe not so much for your wallet. The National Retail Foundation is predicting shoppers to spend at least $40 more this Christmas from last years.. so how much does the average shopper spend?

According to WKBW, The National Retail Foundation (NRF) has reported a predicted $40 increase in shopper spending this year, making the average shopper to spend around $1000! Now some folks could pay more, or less, depending on their credit situation, method payments, and time of purchase. What's the best way to shop? Layaway? Buying or opening a new credit card? Cash?

Jim Temmer, president of BBB Serving Wisconsin, shared this suggestion:

 "... make sure to stick to your budget. As hard as it is, do not buy what you cannot afford."

He also had this to say about layaway, which seems to be a very popular option among buyers:

"What if you're halfway through and you decide you don't want it anymore what kind of refund do you get? Do you get any of it back do you get all of it back?"

Great questions to ask yourself and check on before making that purchase. Another point made was by Consumer protection attorney Gordon Leech. He had this to say in regards to buying and or opening a new credit card:

"Good credit helps you it certainly helps you but it doesn't mean that whoever you're getting the credit from is actually giving you the best rate you ought to get."

I would say it's definitely easy to spend a grand at Christmas time, but try your hardest to get good deals, stay within your means and remember that Christmas shouldn't be all about the gifts!


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