Residents living in the neighborhood near Nottingwood Drive in Wheatfield have been witnessing a purple sky and passer-by drivers have seen it as well.

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According to WKBW, people from all over have been coming to see it. The lights are coming from the Wheatfield Gardens, a company that grows lettuce and medical hemp.

Neighbors are not happy about the glow and smell coming from the gardens.

“During growing season sometimes the smell is so bad we have to keep our windows closed,” said Cindy Demarti.

Residents have made complaints to the town board and some suggestions have been outlined to combat it, such as adding roof curtains, fencing, additional buffers and a more concrete lighting schedule.

Wheatfield Gardens CEO Paul Elfstrum says the company is looking to reduce the glow by changing the color of the floor to deplete the reflected light.

He says come fall, neighbors should see a big difference.

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