Let's face it, we have it pretty good for traffic here in Buffalo. Yeah, we have to deal with some rush hour congestion but places like Los Angeles and Chicago have it way worse.

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But we do still have trouble spots around town, especially during heavy drive times. Here are some of the worst offenders, excluding highways.


Obviously. Transit Road is long and it has multiple high-traffic spots up and down it. The worst might be from Maple Road all the way to Sheridan. The Main Street and Wehrle spot isn't great either and don't get me started on how congested it gets around the Depew area by Walden.


A right of passage for people living in Amherst and Tonawanda. The Boulevard, as it's commonly called, can get very busy at all times of the day, really. The area after the 290 bridge can get particularly hectic.


Another winner. Transit Road turns into Southerwestern the further south you go and even though it's wide open at first, once you hit the five corners intersection, that's when traffic is not your friend.


My aunt and brother live off Union Road and live in fairly close proximity as well, so sometimes this street is unavoidable, which is hard to do anyway since it's home to many avenues in Western New York.


Not to be outdone by Union, Walden Avenue can be frustrating in its own right. The Walden Galleria Mall, a Walmart and the 90 thruway make this road a traffic nightmare during rush hour.


The stretch of road can be pretty bad during the day. So many lights and businesses that stretch from the 290 to Youngs.


The part of Sheridan that's really bad is by Niagara Falls Blvd. But there are other parts that can be frustrating. The intersection by the Sheridan Wegmans can back up a great deal.


The stretch of Abbott that's the worse has to be in South Buffalo, from Southside all the way to Ridge Road. Some of the road is narrow and you're not sure if it's enough room to squeeze by or if cars are parked on the side. The spot by Mercy Hospital is especially bad.


Some of Maple can be wide open but other parts like by UB and Sweet Home Road get very congested around school letting out and rush hour.

What other ones need to be added?

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