If you love the convenience of a Keurig coffee machine and love ice cream (who doesn't?), then this looks like a dream come true.

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LG (Keurig makers) has a new product they're rolling out soon called, "SnowWhite."

The "SnowWhite" machine is essentially a Keurig machine for ice cream lovers.

The product was actually first introduced in 2019 and was also unveiled at CES 2020 in Las Vegas back in January.

The "SnowWhite" is an instant soft-serve ice cream machine that works using a touch screen and uses pods to make the flavor of ice cream, which is practically what we do with Keurig coffee makers.

Two pods are inserted into the machine -- one for which flavor you want -- the other for what type of ice cream (ex: ice cream, gelato, custard).

The bad news is this product is still in the research phase but according to LG, you we can expect it in the near future.

I must have one immediately.

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