One of Summer's staples is returning for another season.  It just never felt like Summer until Old Man River on the banks of the Niagara River in Tonawanda opened.

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The popular summer restaurant has now opened for the season, but with some changes in place for social distancing.

Old Man River in Tonawanda will continue serving up its signature menu for takeout. (hmmm, sweet potato fries)

Customers can’t sit outside, but they can walk in to place their orders. The restaurant also has a new drive-through option that allows customers to order from a limited menu, including chicken, rib, or combo dinners.

While the ambience may be a bit different, (you can't beat sitting up there with food and beverage in-hand, an on-shore breeze, the ever-present seagull laying a watchful eye on that unsecured french fry), but never the less nothing beats having lunch or dinner alongside the Mighty Niagara.

The food is great but it is also the memories of sitting there with my kids, and now (hopefully soon) with their kids.  Raise that french fry high and salute Old Man River...and watch out for that hungry seagull.

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