Storm Season is upon us, and there is no question that Eire and Niagara County have seen a fair share of crazy weather, in the form of heavy winds and rain, which leads to severe flooding in many neighborhoods. Imagine being in need of some assistance after a big storm rolls through, now with the help of this app and a push of a button help is only minutes aways I some cases.

According to, there is a new smartphone app that could get people prepared a week earlier so that cleaning crews and get in and clean up for days after a severe storm hits. the app is called "Prepare Niagara". this is a new initiative that was designed to give residents and visitors a new, and quick way to get emergency information. The app also allows you to do all kinds of good stuff like, submit damage reports, view power outages, create emergency plans, and a lot more.

As this week's flooding has shown, it is imperative for us to be able to reach out to the community quickly, in the event of any type of emergency situation. The Prepared Niagara app allows us to do that plus provide several other features that can aid in emergency planning and post-event response.

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This is another great tool for people to use, especially if someone lives alone and really needs help with how to get to that emergency service. Downloading apps that are user-friendly will differently be a great help.

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