I saw this story on CNN.com and it struck a chord.  I've been officiating high school football for 25 years and I've seen my share of serious injuries and there have been times we've had to wait for an extended period of time until the first aid crews arrive.  There are some school districts that have a rescue crew at every game and I'm so thankful they do.  Most of the time they're not needed, but they're right there when an issue on the field comes up.  All of the football officials I know do it because they love the game.  We're always affected emotionally when a player gets seriously injured, but if a kid died on the football field during one of my games I'm afraid I'd never be able to do another game.  I think I'd have to walk away permanently.  And because a defibrillator wasn't available it would be an incredible tragedy. 

Check out this sad story from CNN.com   Call For Defibrillators In Schools

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