11/21 UPDATE: Patty Kuzara needs our prayers now more than ever, as her fight against cancer has gotten more challenging. I received word that she had been readmitted to Roswell, and I have been told that she has been given a month to live.

This is devastating and shocking to me because I just spoke with her days ago, and she sounded so upbeat and positive...not surprising because Patty has one of the best attitudes of anyone I know.

When I spoke to Patty the other day, I couldn't help but have a little bit of her attitude rub off on me. Like I said on our show, things may not always go our way or be the way that we want them to be. However, Patty taught me in just a short interview that God is by our side even in the worst of times and to get out there and live life. You can't sit back and let the hard times get the worst of you.

I was shocked early Thursday when I read the email Patty's husband Jay sent to me. I could just feel the emotions he is going through as I read it. I had never met Patty before our interview. However, I have learned more from her and her loving family this week than I have in a long time. After losing both of my parents at a very young age, I often question the way things work. Why do the people we love the most and have the most to give, seem to struggle with so much? Patty and her story have taught me that God brings these people in to our lives to guide us and show us the way to really live life and give all we can each day. Even when faced with the aggression of cancer, Patty continues to teach us that.

Please pray for Patty and her family. I truly feel blessed that they came in to my life this week. It is the season of giving thanks, and I think anyone that has had a chance to read her story or meet Patty and the Kuzara family can be thankful that God introduced us to such an inspiration.

ORIGINAL POST: Patty's niece Meghan wrote in about her story...

Patty has been battling cancer for almost two years now. When she was diagnoses she was told there was little anyone could do for her and she had at most 1 year to live. Patty disagreed. She left the hospital that was treating her and went to Roswell. Since then she has maintained a positive attitude not only for herself, but for those around her. She inspires countless others through her writing and community organizing. Patty has started a group known as As I live and Breathe. The group raises money for Lung Cancer research at Roswell and they are in the process of becoming a Not for Profit Organization. This year they raised a significant amount of money through the Ride for Roswell and they are planning other independent fundraising events as well. Patty is a fighter and a motivator. She truly deserves recognition for all her work and continued fight.

After reading her blog that traces the steps of her battle against stage IV lung cancer and reading Meghan's entry, I was looking forward to speaking with Patty about her battle and what she thought about her experience with Roswell Park .

The enthusiasm that Patty has even while still dealing with issues related to cancer on a daily basis is truly inspiring.I know we have all had "bad days" in our lives. However, after speaking with Patty, the lesson we can all learn from her battle is that it is not the issue that you face, it is how you respond to it.

Patty K

Patty's attitude and the support she got from Roswell Park is just one of the many stories that I will be featuring through the next year. It is stories like hers, the people that surround her and the faith that she has in God, herself and the staff at Roswell that proves cancer can't win.

Patty wrote me this note as a follow up to our chat...

I am so excited to hear that I was chosen as one of your cancer survivors. Meghan is truly an amazing niece.
I am honored to share my story. I hope my journey may be able to help and inspire others.