Does anyone remember all of bears that kept wandering in the suburbs last summer? There seemed to be a crazy amount of bears that were finding their way into unusual spots like Depew, Lancaster and Cheektowaga. At one point, there was a bear seen by George Urban, close to the Buffalo Niagara International Airport.

Experts say that you should do three things when you see and encounter a bear.

  1. Talk a little bit. Do not yell, though. The point is to let the bear know that you are human.
  2. "Get big". Raise your arms up and make yourself bigger than the bear.
  3. Slowly back up and walk away. Do not run though. Running could cause the bear to become startled.

Now, bears are not real common in the suburbs in Western New York, but there are places like Yellowstone where bears are much more likely to be seen. In fact, they have rangers in Yellowstone for specific reasons like this video below. In Yellowstone this week, a bunch on on-lookers witnessed a grizzly bear charging at a ranger.

The grizzly was reported to be with another bear mating and the bear became too close to the road and people and that is when the ranger was called in to protect. He shot toward the bear, the bear ran back in the wood and then more shots were fired up in the air to scare the bear. You can check out the wild video below.

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