Authorities in the southern tier are warning residents that there is a man going around, posing as a dog warden, trying to take your pup.  This fake dog warden reportedly, went to a house in the Town of Pomfret and one in the Town of Portland.  The man would tell homeowners thatthe dogs were unlicensed and needed to be taken away.  In both of the weekend cases, the dogs involved were Australian Shepherds.  Luckily, the fake warden did not get either of the dogs.  One of the residents said the man was driving a small brown sedan.  He was a white male, roughly 6 feet tall, possibly in his mid-30's.

*Police advise to ask for identification if you are approached.  Usually, if a warden will come for your pet, they come with a court summons.  They don't just take your dog.



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