Remember last month, when people waited in lines wrapped around the building for the grand opening of the Wegmans location in Raleigh, North Carolina?

Welp, Wegmans is about to reach a new milestone when they finally open their New York City store this Sunday!

The anticipation for a Wegmans in the Big Apple has been around for what seems like years and the construction is finally over.

The store will employ 500 people, with 150 full-time workers. The 74,000 square foot store debuts on Flushing Avenue in the Admirals Row development of Brooklyn, according to WKBW.

What's really cool about this location is there's a second-floor mezzanine that will have a bar, serving wine, beer, and other drinks!

There are quite a few transplants in the NYC region that came from Western New York, so I'm sure those people are thrilled that a big piece of home will be coming to their area.

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