If you are the one who has to pump gas in your family, you might have noticed over the past couple of years a special feature from the gas pump has been missing.

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Back in the day when the weather was bad and you needed to pump gas, you could always get everything set-up and have the trigger lock pushed down and the pump would give you gas until you reach a certain limit and then click off.

I noticed that most places don't have that option anymore, and I  noticed it as I had to stay out in the wind and rain over the weekend filling up my car!!

So whatever happened to them? Why did they disappear?

According to WHAM in Rochester, NY, it was because of possible fire hazards

"It's against the N.Y. fire code to have that on a self-service pump. This is enforced by the Fire Marshal in the local jurisdiction." Said Paul Marone. He is the owner at East Ave. Auto in Rochester.

The law was enacted years ago when New York state began to allow self-service pumps. There was concern that hold clips are a fire hazard.


According to the law, it is up to the fire marshall to enforce the law which means you might still be able to find stations that have the latch...if so, please let me know since I hate standing out in the cold pumping my gas!
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