This is getting to be exciting again! There is a big jackpot that has the entire state talking and it has been growing for awhile. The historic Powerball jackpot may have been won but now there is another pile of cash that is big.

Just imagine the amazing amount of Christmas gifts you could get for your family if you won this thing! From boats to cars to houses and even paying off student debts, if you win the next Mega Millions drawing this week, you could grab well over $200 million!

The next Mega Millions drawing will take place this Friday and will be worth an estimated $238 million!

Thanksgiving is next Thursday and will be followed by the biggest shopping days of the year. "Black Friday", Small Business Saturday and "Cyber Monday" typically are the biggest shopping days of the year. How sweet would it be to take a million or two to a store and buy whatever?! You could always use the winnings for more charitable reasons. Some start foundations or scholarships with their lottery money. It is a great way to leave a legacy behind! Good luck this week! It sure is exciting and the timing couldn't be better with the holidays here!

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