The Buffalo Bills are traveling to Houston to play their second playoff game in three years.  It brings back memories to people of another very monumental Buffalo/Houston faceoff.

Do you remember where you were for the Buffalo Bills/Houston Oilers "comeback" game?  It was played at Rich Stadium on January 3, 1993 - 27 years ago today.

It is the greatest comeback in NFL history.  The Bills were getting dominated.  They were down 28-3 at the half and many fans poured out of the stadium in disgust.  Head coach Marv Levy said, ""You've got thirty more minutes. Maybe it's the last thirty minutes of your season. When your season's over, you're going to have to live with yourselves and look yourselves in the eyes. You'd well better have reason to feel good about yourselves, regardless of how this game turns out."

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They should feel good about themselves.  After going down 35-3 the Bills came together and overcame a 32 point deficit to win in overtime 41-38.

What were you doing when it happened?

I remember where I was.  I wasn't at the game.  I wasn't even watching.  The game was blacked out for local broadcast here in Buffalo.  It didn't matter.  I wasn't going to miss it.

I was glued to my radio.

I remember every play as if I had watched it as it happened.  Van Miller was the play by play announcer at the time and he did an incredible job.  Every single thing he described is clear as day in my mind.  This is what I heard that day...

I was cleaning my room as I listened.  I remember feeling hopeless at halftime.  Then slowly as we scored there was a little more hope.  Then another score brought it closer.  Then another...

This was probably the game that made me "Bill-ieve" and hooked me into becoming a fan for life for this team.

It was the most incredible game I'd ever not seen.  If you haven't seen it, go back and watch.  It really is amazing to watch this team that had every reason to give up continue to fight.

Here's to hoping we can have a more convincing win this weekend as we travel to Houston.  Go Bills!


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