We've all googled things that we needed answers for.  Some of those things can be a little embarrassing.  But don't forget, people can see your google searches.  So what's the most embarrassing things that New Yorkers have googled this year?

Velour Track Suits

According to Zippia.com, the most embarrassing thing that New Yorkers are interested in is Velour Track Suits.  Which isn't really all that bad.  I mean, what's wrong with trying to look stylish and be comfortable while you're working out?

But other states didn't get off quite as easily as we did.  When looking at a list of embarrassing things that were googled in one state and not as much in another, it shows just how much we depend on a machine to give us answers to just about everything.

Here are some of my favorites from the list of 50 states most embarrassing google searches:

  • West Virginia . . . "Why is my poop green?"
  • Vermont . . . "Where is Canada?"  (Embarrassing because Vermont's entire northern border touches it.)
  • Louisiana . . . "Why do I sweat so much?"
  • Nebraska . . . "Smelly feet."
  • Mississippi . . . "Is the Earth round?" (Is this STILL a thing?)
  • Ohio . . . "Does My Cat Love Me" (No...cats don't love anyone.  You're just who gives them their food.)
  • Texas..."Does My Dog Love Me" (Of course it does.  Dogs love EVERYONE.)
  • New Jersey . . . "Weegee board," spelled W-E-E-G-E-E instead of O-U-I-J-A.
  • Arizona . . . "Feet Photos"
  • Colorado . . . "Mumble Rap"
  • Delaware . . . "Are Aliens real"
  • Pennsylvania . . ."Nickelback Concert"

Yeah...some things are probably best left unsaid.  It just feels so much safer to google it.  But then again...is it?



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