As soon as the Buffalo Bills revealed that they were making plans for a new stadium, everyone began to kick in their own two cents on how it should be done.  Here are mine.

Should it be a dome?  Should they have an open-air stadium as we have now?  My vote isn't for either of those things.

The report said that the Bills were hoping to build a brand new stadium and that it "would not be a dome, but could potentially have an overhang like Hard Rock Stadium in Miami."

The overhang would potentially protect fans from the elements a little better than we have right now in our open-air stadium but will still allow for the elements like snow and rain to affect the game.

I read Dave Fields' blog about how they need to stay with an open-air stadium and I disagree.  His main reason for keeping it the way it is is the weather.  It's just not a game in Buffalo in December without some snow.  Who can forget Tre'Davius White doing snow angels in the snow a couple years ago?  They love to be able to claim that horrible weather as their own.

I agree they need to have that as part of their game.  Which is why I'm 100% against a dome.  Domes make for a very sterile environment for a football game.  It's not nearly as fun that way.  And it does take the weather out of the equation.

However, a retractable roof is a different option.  Not only would a retractable roof allow for them to open it up (even in December) for games to keep that Buffalo feel, but it would allow them to close it and have a dome-like feel for the rest of the year.  This would open the stadium up to be used for other things throughout the year.  Think about a huge concert, or just about any other event you want to hold there.

It just seems to make the most sense.  You get to keep the snow...and still use it all year.  It is probably a more expensive option which would probably put it on the back burner, but if you're using it for more than just fooball, wouldn't it make more sense to invest in it?


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