It looks like this is the newest trend in Western New York, and I jumped on the bandwagon – to some degree.

I always wanted to get my teeth whitened to try and correct the small white spots I developed over the years with braces, and after examining the options in Western New York, I quickly realize that iSmile Spas through Aesthetic Associates was the best option (you can call them to find out more about the process at 716-221-3069).

However, something caught my eye while I was looking at the local teeth whitening services in the area, and it looks like it’s catching on.

Gigi Jones posted in the Facebook group “Buffalo Garage Sale,” advertising her cosmetic teeth whitening services – and teeth gems.

Yep, you read that right, and it means exactly what you think: gems for your teeth.

Before you discount the process, at least take a look at what teeth gems do for your smile.

Is This The Newest Beauty Trend in Western New York?

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They look pretty, right? 

Now, I’m not saying that I’ll get one, but I can see why people do. It can be fun to change up your look, especially when it comes to your smile. 

You may be wondering if the gems are permanent, and the answer is no. The original poster, Gigi Jones, added a Facebook comment that said, “They actually last as long as you allow them to. I’ve had some for a couple of months…I’ve had some [gems] as long as eight months. Each person is different depending on your daily eating comments.”

You can read more about the specials going on for teeth gems in Kenmore below.


I’ll stick with my teeth whitening plan at iSmile Spas, which shows results immediately after the procedure is done!

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