There is an absolutely picture perfect log cabin that is for sale in the Southern Tier portion of Western New York. This place is gorgeous and will set you back around $2 million. But after looking at the pictures of the place and the 60 acres, it is totally worth it!

WNY Cabin For Sale

Buying a home these days is a challenge and very competitive. But things may change soon as interest rates are climbing and the cost to take out a 30 year mortgage is becoming a big price.

For those who are selling, it has been a big payday. Often the challenge is not selling the house. Rather it is where to go and what to buy after you make the sale. There are many stories about houses being scooped up well over asking price and, in some cases, without any inspections.

This house is a beauty and would be perfect for anyone who just wants a place to stay and enjoy and never have to leave except for groceries and work. But with the ability to work from home these days, this might be the absolute best situation.

I was just in Clymer last week and if you like rural, down home areas, it is exactly that! There is a general store that I fell in love with. Where else can you go in and order some frech cut steaks and meats and also shop for mud boots and groceries? This house and the location have everything we would want. Now if we could just get a $2-$2.5 million loan??

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