Have you ever been traveling on a back country road or perhaps through a town and thought it would be nice to grab a coffee or perhaps get something quick to eat? As I was driving around Western New York, I noticed a few spots that a Tim Horton's would probably do very well.

I get it. Not everyone wants a busy drive thru near there home. Especially if you live outside the village limits or in a rural area. But if it were something that was low key or just took up a corner spot, it may actually be a place you visit more often than you think.

Here are some of the locations I think might be in consideration for a drive thru coffee location.

Locations In WNY That Need A Drive Thru Coffee Shop

We can't seem to drive by a Tim Horton's these days without grabbing the new Tim Biebs donuts. Our kids have become addicted to them and I have to admit, they are not bad! The problem we have, is that our kids are all under 5 years old and on any given day you can find at least five half eaten Tim Biebs or Tim Bits laying under the back seat or stuck to their car seats!

As far as I know, there are no plans to place a coffee shop in any of the above locations.

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