When you live in Western New York a while, you get used to the beer culture here, and trust me, people here take their beer and breweries very seriously.

There's one beer that comes out every summer that Buffalonians (and Rochester residents) adore and it's coming back much sooner than it usually does.

According to Rochester First, Genesee Brewery announced last week that summertime favorite Ruby Red Kolsch will be back at stores this week and as it turns out, the summer beer should be back in Buffalo on Thursday.

It looks like both Wegmans and Consumers will have them by Thursday, so keep your eyes peeled for Genesee's Ruby Red Kolsch on the shelves tomorrow and this weekend!

Ruby Red Kolsch is a crisp, summertime ale with a grapefruit taste. It's easily one of the most popular summertime beers throughout Western New York every spring and summer. Unfortunately, it's usually not available in the fall and winter.

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So make sure to stock it up when you see it on the shelves!

My favorite time of the year for beer is probably the spring and summer with all the fruit-infused beers. I'm big on sours and with the weather getting warmer, more Buffalonians will be outdoors more often and soaking in the sunshine with a drink in their hand.

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