I was just telling someone from Nashville that we have this big day coming up in Western New York. It's called DYNGUS DAY.

After explaining the bizarre and strange customs we do, I told them that we are very proud to be the Dyngus Day capital of the United States. They assured me that Buffalo has some of the best random facts about us.

I said it sure does. In fact, Buffalo has some of the strangest world records held here.

Like this one: the world's highest pancake flip is held in Cheektowaga (LOL). A guy at the Galleria Mall broke the record. Take a look at the video below.


What other weird records do people in Western New York hold?

1.) At the casino in Niagara Falls, a guy flipped a pancake in a frying pan for over 3 hours, breaking a world record. If you are thinking 'wow, that is ridiclous', a record is a record! Here is the entry for the longest pancake flip (lol):

While flipping a pancake continuously in a frying pan, Mike Cuzzacrea (USA) completed the Casino Niagara International Marathon (Buffalo, New York, USA - Niagara Falls, Canadian side) in a time of 3 hr 2 min 27 sec on 24 October 1999.


2.) Did Depew, NY have the Guinness World record for the most amount of bars in America at one point?

The answer is yes. Depew, back in the 1900s had the most amount of bars per capita in the United States of America because of the population and major railroad industry in Depew.

After finding that record, we decided, WHAT ELSE does Buffalo has its' name in the record books for?


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Buffalo, is noted in 2 other world records in the Guinness Book of World Records: for having the world's largest ice maze of all time (remember, back at the Powderkeg Festival in 2010) and a man from Buffalo has donated the most amount of blood of all time.

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